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Building with Integrity Since 1996

Building with integrity since 1996 isn’t just a motto at Bachman Builders. It’s a way of life. With a wealth of architectural knowledge and construction technique, Bachman Builders possesses a diverse portfolio of homes within a wide price range. Our clients bring their unique dreams, ideas and budgets to us and together, we develop a truly custom home. Bachman Builders has never built the same home twice. Call us today for your custom homebuilding experience.

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Bachman Builder clients bring their dreams, ideas and budget to David and together, they develop a truly custom home.

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Light Commercial

Bachman Builders, Inc. has successfully completed a wide variety of commercial construction projects; each consisting of custom, high level finishes.

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Renovations & Remodeling

Trained in lead-based paint remediation, historical architecture and fully covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance, your remodeling and renovation project will be secure with our team.

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“Bachman Builders built our home in 2006. David provided expert advice throughout the design process and executed during the build phase. What was unique about Bachman Builders was that over the next year we heard a lot of neighbors complain about their builders (other builders) about their experience and not getting things completed as agreed. I can say that we had a great experience and David lived up to everything he said he would provide. And he did so without issue. I think the greatest compliment to any Builder/Contractor is to use them again in the future... We have just completed an addition on our home and had the basement finished and we chose Bachman Builders to do the work. We did get multiple bids for the project to check the competition but we felt David was the only choice! If you are considering building a new home or just renovating your current residence, you won’t regret making Bachman Builders your partner for the project.

Marty Connelly

Moon Township, PA