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David Bachman featured in Pittsburgh Magazine’s HOME January edition

Pittsburgh Magazine HOME Q&A with David Bachman

Pittsburgh Magazine featured a Q&A with David Bachman in their January HOME edition. Below is a transcript of the feature. You can view the interview on page 9 of the online edition.

Clients come to us for …
Each client comes to us with a unique perspective, a particular set of needs and a budgetary constraint. Working within these parameters, our goal is to customize the clients’ home to include as many of their needs and wants as possible and not waste space and money where the client does not need it. While many builders build what they want in the way they feel it should be built, David views his roles as a “mercenary”, an expert in building and working for the client’s interests. Some clients must have a formal living room, others do not. A large garden tub is on some client’s needs list, but not others. Listening to the client as much as possible, David designs each client’s project to meet their unique goals.

Our style is influenced by…
Our style is influenced by authenticity. Whether the client desires Craftsman or Contemporary, David strives to build authentic architecture into every project. Balance and scale are major considerations that are never overlooked. Believing that learning is a lifetime process, David researches widely to find the ideal products and techniques to make each Bachman Builders home special.

We’re passionate about…
We’re passionate about energy efficiency. Every new home we build conforms to Energy Star standards, undergoing rigorous EPA inspections. Our typical homes exceed Energy Star standards by 25–33 percent. Working hard with all our employees and trade partners, we understand that to achieve maximum energy efficiency with a client’s budget, a holistic view of the home is required. We bring that same commitment to our renovation projects, believing that old homes are not like old dogs, and they can still learn new tricks. Because we drill down to the details, we can deliver cost effective savings to our clients, so the additional energy efficiency work we do is not a “cost”, but rather an “investment”. We look at builders who do not build to Energy Star standards, but say they are as good as Energy Star, as someone who claims to know as much as a doctor, but does not have a medical degree.