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Custom Home Design Features to Make Holiday Entertaining a Breeze

One of the great things about custom home design is you can create a space tailored to your specific needs and wants. At Bachman Builders, we understand how to incorporate design elements that enhance the entertainment experience in your home. From large kitchen islands to plentiful lighting, certain home features make entertaining easier.

Open Floor Plan

People love to gather in the kitchen, and an open floor plan makes all of your guests feel like they’re at the center of the action. An open floor plan creates a better flow than


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sectioned off rooms to allow guests to easily mingle. Also, with an open floor plan, it’s easy for the host to set up food and drinks throughout the area to make access more convenient.

If you’re hosting an event or party at a custom home with an open floor plan, set up sitting areas around the space. This will allow guests a place to sit and visit or eat. When set up intentionally, you can create smaller areas within the larger space. Guests can still be part of the group while they relax.

Luxury Kitchen

Kitchen Feature

Kitchen Feature

A well-functioning kitchen is the key to successful holiday entertaining. Incorporate a well-designed, luxury kitchen into your custom home to make both entertaining and day-to-day cooking easier. Focus on design elements that make your kitchen party prep central.

Dual ovens provide more space to cook multiple items at once. Warming ovens also make a good resource to keep food warm until guests arrive. For true kitchen luxury, invest in a built-in refrigerator. Most brands allow for customization to get the finish, size, and features you want for your home. Another useful kitchen design feature is a prep sink in the island to make food preparation easier. Also, in a large kitchen, multiple people can work at the same time to prepare and serve the holiday meal.

Ample Lighting

Lighting is an easy element to overlook in home design. However, for holiday entertaining when the days are shorter, it’s important to have ample lighting. Well-lit kitchens make food preparation easier and less frustrating. Recess lighting is a convenient way to add extra lighting without the bulk of multiple fixtures.

Dimmers offer a good solution for mood lighting. Especially in homes with open floor plans, diversifying the lighting will help to create enough light without the entire space having to have the same level of light.

Outdoor lighting is also key for easy entertaining. Ensure walkways are well-lit to keep guests safe as they walk to the entry of your home. Also, ample outdoor lighting will encourage guests to step outside for fresh air or a break from the action.

Create the Perfect Custom Home for Entertaining

Make your home the preferred holiday party place with home design that makes entertaining a breeze. Incorporate elements into your custom home design that enhances the entertainment experience, like outdoor kitchens, upgraded luxury appliances, guests suites and abundant seating.

At Bachman Builders, we strive to create your dream home. We understand what design elements work to make holiday entertaining a breeze. Contact us today to start building your dream home.