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Have You Thought of These Things When Selecting Your Lot?

Unlike in a tract home neighborhood where each lot is very similar, with custom homes, lot selection can be much trickier. To begin with, a custom home can be built in a variety of places from subdivisions to rural lots. With greater options comes more variables.

Start by working with an experienced and highly-trained custom builder that understands the local area and prioritizes customer service. An experienced builder has the knowledge to properly create a solid foundation and top-quality custom home.

Top Considerations When Selecting a Lot for a Custom Home

While many different factors go into selecting the perfect lot for your custom home, the top priorities for building your custom home are both the property elements and the location.

1 – Location

The top priority when selecting a lot to build your custom home is the location. First, decide the neighborhood and community where you want to live. Once you narrow down the specific area, you can focus on finding a lot that works for your new home. Consider things like: commute time, local schools, community culture, and neighborhood dynamics.

2 – Budget

Budget is another huge priority when selecting a lot. More exclusive areas or neighborhoods will have higher property prices. If your budget is tighter, you can focus on lots within areas that match your budget. You may also look at smaller or less desirable lots in higher end neighborhoods to make it affordable for you.

3 – Lot Allowances

If you plan to purchase a lot in a neighborhood, there may be specific lot allowances determined by the HOA or town. For example, some HOAs may require a minimum square footage for each home. This can greatly impact your building budget. Another factor may be the type of fence or landscaping allowed for the property. Also, specific lots may have restrictions for building a basement. Determine the lot allowances before you buy so you aren’t surprised later.

4 – Option to Choose a Builder

If you want control over the builder for your custom home, you’ll want to determine upfront if you have that option. Some neighborhoods require you to use their preferred builders. This may be a disadvantage if you want more options for your custom home. Your relationship with your builder is the most important element to building a home you love.

5 – Environmental Risks

You may fall in love with a lot, but if it sits on a flood plan, that could be a very bad investment. Be smart with your lot purchase. Consider all environmental risks, like radon exposure, flooding, proximity to oil drilling or other hazardous materials and even wildfire risk.

6 – Proximity to Annoyances

Pay attention to what surrounds the lot. This can greatly impact your long-term property values. Look at proximity to railroad tracks and roads. How close is the property to business traffic or major intersections? Identify potential risks to your property values before you make a purchase.

Work with a Proven Custom Home Builder

The key with managing all the elements when building a custom home is the quality of your custom home builder. An experienced builder knows what to look for in a lot and how to build to the specific requirements of each lot.

At Bachman Builders, we have the knowledge and experience to build your dream home. Contact us today to discuss your new lot and get started on the plan for your custom home. We currently have lots available in plans around the Pittsburgh metro, or we can build on your lot!