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Gallery: ADA Homes (American’s with Disabilities Act)

The American Disabilities Act, among other goals, seeks to make public buildings accessible to people with disabilities. When Bachman Builders performs work on commercial buildings, we follow ADA codes closely. In private homes, there are no accessibility requirements. However, we do build for clients with disabilities, clients who want to prepare for the onset of disabilities in the future and for clients who want to make their homes accessible for people with disabilities. We specialty design homes that include zero step entrances, wider doors, curb-less showers, extra room around plumbing fixates, grab bars, etc.

All of our clients with disabilities have been extremely capable people and the want their homes to live and look like any other home we build. We work very hard to insure that we meet their goals. We even help with the process to get them tax credits for visitability, which are often available from local governments such as Allegheny County.


Most clients enter the custom home building process with a list that includes amenities such as a unique design, granite tops, custom wood working and ceramic showers.  The clients for this home needed many additional, special features because the husband is confined to a scooter.  The home has many ADA features such as three zero-step entrances, wide doors, a curb-less shower, grab bars and an elevator with stops on all three levels.  The basement even has a therapeutic exercise pool. The clients will be eligible for an Allegheny County Visitability program tax credit.

The home has a bold stone front with tall columns supporting a porch roof above.  The elevation is a unique combination of stone and brick, with sandstone window lintels.  The two-story foyer is separated by the two-story great room by a drywall arch under the stair system and custom-built arches. The step-down island countertop in the kitchen is at the ideal height for the husband to conveniently join the family for a casual breakfast.  The two-story stone fireplace is the central feature on the first floor.  With wide doors, five-foot radius space for turning, a curb-less shower and pocket doors, the master suite is very easy to navigate.

The home is not only efficient from a space and utilization perspective, it is an Energy Star rated home with a HERS rating of 59.  Sub-floor insulation, a 95% multi-state furnace in separate zones, an HRV heat recovery unit for air quality, an exhaust fan in the pool room to control humidity, closed cell blown-in insulation on all walls, and foam sheets installed under the living space over the garage, are just a few of the energy-saving features of this home.

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