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Waterproofing Wonderland

Amazing Lot

On top of one of the highest points in Moon Township, we designed this unique custom home to sit on this amazing lot.

This floor plan was created to allow for views out the front as well as orienting the view toward the side yard, which is larger than the rear. These pictures show the foundation complete with Tuff N’ Dri waterproofing. This is the best waterproofing system which we installed with TND of Pittsburgh. The black spray is a pliable membrane that will span any minor cracks in the foundation. The orange board on the outside is a drain board that drains any water down the French drain below. The white pipe is the rain conductor pipe currently being installed.




This truck is delivering crushed concrete, which we use in place of limestone. This material is crushed from old highway concrete slabs, and is recycled back to us. It is less expensive and often better and at Bachman Builders, we recycle when possible!


If you look closely the driver of the truck is a lady. There is a lot of opportunity in construction and related businesses for women. Most of the work, other than masonry, is not that physically demanding since most contractors use cranes and machines for heavy lifting.

Truck driver

Stay tuned for more on this unique home.